Some Men’s groups can be described as brotherhoods. There is an unquestionable bond forged between men under particular circumstances that can lead to the formation of these brotherhoods. This is most evident within units of our military. Shared hardship is one of the fundamental techniques military’s across the world use when training men to operate in teams. The relationships and sense of belonging created under these difficult conditions is unlike that found in other walks of life. The Green Mile Movement applies many tried and tested military techniques as well as other pursuits to develop certain attributes in its members. Men of all backgrounds and all abilities. Important areas like; physical, mental strength, integrity, confidence, composure, perseverance and grit. By creating a network of strong and well-orientated men in cities throughout the country, men who believe in respect, encouragement, discipline and hard work, we can improve the lives of not only those men, but also their families and communities, which is very much needed in a time like ours today.

How did this begin? What started in 2018 as a few random guys training calisthenics together has since grown into a brotherhood that meet every week to test ourselves physically. The sessions are free, but require members to meet in different locations each week in and around Cardiff and the surrounding mountains. All you will know is where, when and what to bring. You discover the ‘challenge’ when you arrive. All to be expected of you is to work hard and get involved. Leave with a sense of accomplishment and a stronger body and mind.

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Chris Flynn, Founder

Chris Flynn, the Founder of TGMM served for over 12 years in the UK military where he operated in various roles within the Airborne and Commando Forces on multiple oversees deployments. After leaving the forces and working all around the world, Chris moved home to the UK in 2017 and through working as a Health Safety Security and Environmental Consultant he found concern with the state of men’s physical and mental health and felt compelled to do something about it.

The Green Mile Movement was born as an extension of Chris’ belief that all men (and women for that matter) should be capable of dealing with the difficulties of life and a way of achieving this is through arduous physical training and personal sacrifice. Click Join Us to get your name down for the next session. They’re entirely free.

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Working together to train our mental and physical strength, through proven military techniques.


To create capable individuals that form networks of strong brotherhoods throughout the country

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The green mile sessions have been like an oasis to me . I feel we are a group of people from different backgrounds that share the same passion,through exercise to improve both our body and our mental well being. Everyone brings his own experience to the group and through sharing everyone benefits. Being in the group has helped me achieve many goals in my exercising and has put my mind in the right track. There is so much positivity in the group and it feels like a family atmosphere. I hope the green mile movement will grow in the future and will help more people realise the benefit of both mental and physical well being.

One year ago during my training in the park I met Chris, I got an invitation for another training session with him and other friends, of course I went and after the first training I was very excited. I met many interesting people and the time spent there was very good, I started to come to every meeting The Green mile movement and together with me another fantastic lads. Now we are a very good team, the best! good friends. The Coach gives us new lessons and new practice, the next exercises that previously were impossible for me, and now thanks to The Green mile movement I can do a lot. My strength is very good and my mental is much better. In every next week this group is getting bigger, the most important thing is that every week there is a different session , there is no boring is always very interesting, Trener Chris is amazing Hi is a great person, very good Man, He gives us his heart and all soul and great motivation.

The Green mile movement is my family forever

The Green Mile Movement offers something very different from other groups. To be outside and train with a group of really cool people is something that I never knew would be so addictive. I was initially not sure if I would enjoy the sessions as I was a complete beginner to calisthenics and could barely do a single push up, but the brotherhood mentality of the movement means that anyone can fit right in, no matter the skill level. From my first session, I knew that I would keep coming back to improve my strength and skillset. Now I have the confidence to train by myself and push to meet my fitness goals. More people need to know about the Movement and get involved, as I’m sure that many more will enjoy the journey as much as I have.

For me The Green Mile Movement is more than just a training session, more than just physical exercise, it’s is development of both my body and mind. The physical training has gotten me so fit, yet the mental resilience training and support from the Brotherhood has increased my confidence and self respect tremendously. I know that I can turn to Chris and the group for not just training advice but for support and advice on any aspect of life – as this is what the Brotherhood is all about. One group supporting men of all origins through physical and mental training.

The Green Mile Movement has completely reignited my passion for training. The blend of callisthenics and military inspired training techniques have enabled me to progress to a much higher level than I’ve ever achieved previously. The comradery of training with the guys has been a constant encouragement and morale booster. I’d love to see this grow and reach as many men as possible, it’s something I’m really proud to be a part of.

My brother introduced me to The Green Mile Movement, previously I had not done any form of serious excercise for roughly two years, I was lacking in confidence but keen for a challenge; the second I got there all of the lads were just genuinely friendly and being a part of The Movement now has given me a great sense of community, with people of all abilities training together it’s hard to feel out of place especially when everybody is so encouraging. The sessions range from standard calisthenics sessions to mountain sessions including swimming and submergence training in The Taff which was brilliant in the summer. Hopefully The Movement will continue to grow and more incredible individuals will join, it’s been amazing to be a part of the growth so far and I am nothing but excited to get to be a part of what is to come.

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