#1 – Switch off the News

Switch off the News

If it’s worth knowing, someone will tell you.

There is a good argument to keep an awareness of what’s going on in the world, but you should consider how it affects your mind and mood. You are what you eat food wise and you are what you feed yourself on information wise also. If you continuously read headlines such as debt, murder, crime, war, celebrity etc etc. how can you ever expect to feel a sense of peace during the day?

The mainstream media is of very little use to most people, but we have convinced ourselves that we must ‘keep up to date’ with current affairs across the world.

Well, no, no we don’t. Most of us find it difficult to comprehend what’s going on in our own little world without trying to figure out global issues.

The mainstream/most media is motivated by sales, follows, shares, likes clicks and lust. As a business their drive is purely financial and they care very little for your personal well-being. They write whatever it takes to attain those sales, likes and clicks.

Just like a good lawyer would, we should question the motives of people and organisations as that is where you commonly find the difference between truth and lie.

In such a competitive media landscape it is now more the case that mainstream news agenda is not to inform, but to sell. There are people working in the industry who don’t even realise this, they buy the same lie!

Switch it all off for one week and observe what happens to your thoughts, your mood and your time.

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