#10 – Get off social media

We seemed to be doing better before it. We’ve convinced ourselves of its importance and that the only way to progress as people is online. I call bullshit. Unless you run a business or page that requires you to visit social media frequently or speak with the occasional old friend then how is it actually benefiting you? Just like other news and media outlets, it is influencing your mood daily and although you think you have control over it, you probably don’t.

Watch ex Facebook presidents Chamath Palihapitiya and Sean Parker tell how these firms devise ways to manipulate users using mind programming techniques.


In unprecedented ways it has a greater hold over you than traditional outlets such as t.v. news and papers.


Time is precious so we need to divvy it up between family, close friends and the things we love to do. People outside of these circles are detracting from these relationships and coming off SM sites ends this pretty quick.

Again, don’t take my word for it. Come of SM for one week (that’s if you are not addicted) and tell me it didn’t give you back hours each week, remove negative influence and improve the way you felt.

It’s a game changer that for obvious reasons, you are never going to hear the mainstream talking about.

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