#11 – Fix your posture

This may seem like an old school and redundant thing to mention, but carries so much benefit that it shouldn’t be forgotten. There is a reason the military pay so much attention to soldiers standing up straight with their shoulders back and head up looking out. Originally it sent a signal to the enemy that you are a force to be reckoned with. It’s not aggressive, its passive, but speaks volumes of the bearer. It suggests confidence and competence.

For men is a critical thing for us to understand. You don’t see capable men with a weak posture.


By adopting a strong upright posture when, walking, sitting or just standing waiting for a bus it acts as a deterrent to potential threats, tells those around you that you have worth and subliminally signals to the opposite sex that you are a strong candidate for partnership. People notice you without noticing they’ve noticed!


In unprecedented ways it has a greater hold over you than traditional outlets such as t.v. news and papers.


Time is precious so we need to divvy it up between family, close friends and the things we love to do. People outside of these circles are detracting from these relationships and coming off SM sites ends this pretty quick.

Again, don’t take my word for it. Come of SM for one week (that’s if you are not addicted) and tell me it didn’t give you back hours each week, remove negative influence and improve the way you felt.

It’s a game changer that for obvious reasons, you are never going to hear the mainstream talking about.

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