#13 – Write things down

Writing in a traditional sense is dying out. We type and text all day, but not necessarily our deeper thoughts on things or anything of importance.I mean write with a pen and paper.

When we have an idea or thought on something of value, we don’t truly understand it until we’ve discussed it with someone or written it down. Only then can we decide whether we believe the thought or if it needs revising or amending.

A quick way to get into this is keeping a pocket notebook. Instead of mindlessly checking your your phone, write down ideas and thoughts you had when you have spare time and compare them each time you go back and revisit.


Keeping a log of what you did that day is also highly beneficial. Most guys can’t remember what they did yesterday and writing helps combat that. Write the names of people you met that day and the experiences you had. It’s a strong practice to close the day out with and helps to formulate memory.

When you write about something of importance, it’s like stating an opinion on an issue to someone who may disagree. It causes you to challenge your own thoughts and feelings and better understand the thing you are trying to understand, such as a habit you are trying to break.

All of the worlds great thinkers have practised writing. There is something great to be discovered each time you do it.  

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