#16 – Avoid being enslaved by work

We work in a world where 50 hour plus working weeks are the norm and I often wonder what is it really for? As more in the workplace becomes automated by machines and robots and we understand more about health impacts of working life we should in theory be working less or at least more efficiently, but the opposite is happening! 

I believe we are all striving for something that isn’t actually there! The pursuit of a higher salary and the status that comes with it is a false economy. Based on the grounds that we spend what we earn, we are never really any better off. You get a raise through promotion and you and the Mrs are planning it away before it arrives in your account. And to gain what? More plastic shite to fill the house, a bigger house to fill with more plastic shite, a bigger tv, a new car with gadgets you’ve convinced yourself will improve your life? You are dreaming! These improvements are imaginations.

In my 36 years on this earth I have noticed that the most content and capable individuals here are the ones who practise happiness with the most simple things. The free things in life, striving for good health, family, wisdom, ability and exposure to nature. Biggy was right ‘’Mo money mo problems’’.

To be reliant on money, material items and status as an indication of character is weakness displayed as strength. It can be taken from you in an instant (especially if borrowed on credit), it isn’t actually yours and if those things define you as a man then you are left characterless when it’s gone .

I encourage people to live within their means so if work life balance becomes out of kilter then you retain the ability to leave in pursuit of something better.

Family members and close friends of mine are mortgaged up to the eyeballs, heavily financed up for their new car they no longer like, paying off holiday debts for the break they needed so badly all they ended up doing was eating on a beach somewhere and paying off credit cards for the boat load of un-played with toys that sit in the kids bedroom. It’s a fruitless pursuit that leaves you drained, stressed with no time to think and discover. Its insane yet we all play this game with no end goal!

The most common response I get when I propose this to people in the workplace is ‘’Yeah, it all makes sense, but I’ve got to get back to work now.’’ Madness.

Work is secondary unless you truly love what you do.

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