#2 – Speak the truth

Why bother, you may ask yourself. You may do alright from spinning a few white lies here and there. You may of built a career or friend base from doing so. You may be so deep in a cave of lies that it seems impossible to find a route out.

It’s an old message but worth more than ever today – The truth WILL set you free. The Truth is the ultimate antidote to suffering. Prof. Jordan B. Peterson the admired Canadian psychologist and lecturer states this clearly in his book 12 Rules For Life. Tell the truth or at least don’t lie. Nothing we do is without consequence and that goes for not speaking the truth when we had the choice to.


It isn’t immediately straight forward, it takes practise and hard thought, especially if you are well versed in the opposite.

The hardest person to speak the truth to is often yourself, but it’s the only place to start. Some of us tell lies to the point that we end up believing ourselves! An example is when we blame others for our misfortune or the way we feel rather than staring into the mirror.

I have a close friend who was always fighting. He was always an impressive individual who cared greatly for others, but partly because of his troubled past he was full of anger and he always found himself in physical fights throughout his twenties. This continued to a point where he was considered very capable in his trade. I would confront him on this and he would often respond with the argument that people would always find issue in him and he was simply responding to their provocation. To everyone else this was clearly not the case. He had demons on his shoulder that he wouldn’t shake off and rather than confront them he would lie to himself and deceive his own mind. It held him back for years!

There is nothing to be gained in untruth, but negative outcome. The truth will ALWAYS find its way to the surface and if you’ve spoken lies then you will face the wrath of your words, we all will.


The phrase ‘the truth will set you free’ works on many different levels. It breaks you from the hold the lie has over your own mind. It releases you from false contract you have with the people you are lying to and it lifts the rucksack of shit you’ve burdened yourself with for so long.

Truth is your alley in life. You may have nothing else, but if you are truthful, your moral posture will be straight and that carries serious weight in the world.

Walk tall and speak honestly.


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