#20 – Adopt the duty to care for yourself first

Often we neglect ourselves to the point that we don’t look out for our own best interests or  needs. Ever wonder why the overweight fag smoking cat lady cares for her cats like they’re children, but can’t look after herself? It’s strange.

You can’t care for your family as effectively if you aren’t in good shape yourself.

Train, move, read, eat natural food,, turn the TV off, get off insta, swap the beer for a soda and square yourself away and start again every morning until things start to improve. The rest will follow.

Make small incremental changes to your life and build them up. Like building a pyramid, create a large foundation on which to build, the top is taller if the base is wider.

Make the decision to get yourself in order and write your objectives down. Everything else will fall into place as you do this.

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