#23 – Always be prepared

To be equipped to deal with the unexpected.

We need to remain prepared at all times, without constant attention or focus. It should be something we incorporate into our lives so we don’t have to give it too much thought, but simply do it unconsciously.

Being prepped involves maintaining physical fitness to react to things that require physical exertion or staying financially prepared for an unplanned cost by keeping cash stashed away somewhere. I believe it should also go as far as keeping some supplies in or near the house for an unplanned event.

In 2011 multiple towns and cities across the UK experienced rioting and looting in its neighborhoods which was sparked off by the shooting of an unknown man in Tottenham London. Shops were smashed and robbed, people were attacked and 5 people murdered in the height of the chaos.

People across the country went out and bought food and supplies anticipating unrest in their own towns. People as far as Cardiff which wasn’t affected went out and panic-bought up goods and shops soon ran out of certain items.

One shooting of an unknown man sparking such a reaction throughout the country causes me to think – What if something truly significant on a national level takes place?

Civil tensions are currently at a high. Dramatic social change, rise in the cost of living, Extreme political decisions all coupled with the rapid moral degradation we face are catalysts for serious social unrest. If something kicks-off you don’t want to be the one queuing for the last tin of beans on the shelf.

What should we keep stashed in or near the house so we are prepared for such an event?

Recommended shopping list:

One months supply of food for you and your family. Think tinned or seal packed items such as beans, tuna, pasta, rice, porridge oats, nuts, seeds, dried soups, coffee powder, flour, milk powder and vitamins.

It is better to pick items that you don’t necessarily like as much, like sardines perhaps. Soldiers are encouraged to keep undesirable food items in survival kits so they aren’t tempted to eat them when a bit peckish. Keep chocolate for morale, but don’t make this your grand stash.

Water purification. There is nothing to say that the taps will always run with clean water, we take this for granted. Buy some water purification tablets, a life straw or filtration kit. Keep lighters as a way of making fire to boil your water if necessary. Learn how to make sand/activated charcoal filters as a last resort (Youtube it).

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