#4 – Avoid pointless chat

Take typical conversations between people (especially in the UK) regarding the weather. You may not be considering how bad the weather is until someone  says “what a nightmare it is outside, awful weather” Your immediate response is to join in that negative train of thought and drag yourself down as a result of something you have no control over.

The same can be said for other negative conversations about things going on in the news. Your conversation can drag your mood down so be mindful of the conversations others are having around you and devise ways to either turn those conversations around or back out of them.


Another way to avoid this dull chat is to avoid pointless group talk.. Although being part of a group is necessary in work, school etc. Group talk mentality can steer you away from a strong self.

Group mentality from the outside looks strong, looks a force not to be messed with. This may be the case in a physical opposition sense, but break that group down to their individual components and do you still find strength? Perhaps in the leader, but in most cases you will see men who have not found strength in themselves so then seek it in groups. Team sports fans.

I have seen this in men within the military. After leaving, guys I once considered strong were unable to function as individuals in society. Without that mentality to lean on and hide behind they were weak and open to influence from weak pursuits.

Find out who you are as an individual first then any group in the future will benefit from your membership as you’ll be strong enough to follow your own path and not be swayed by it’s negative speech.

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