#5 – Eat more stuff that grows out of the ground

Ever considered why cancer, diabetes, serious disease is drastically increasing? Ever considered what else is increasing side by side and in-line with it? Such as the amount of manufactured, processed, sugar and chemical filled food and drink that we consume every single day. It’s not rocket science! We don’t need a cure for cancer, we need to prevent it.


Eat stacks of naturally occurring foods, carrot, kiwi, sweet potatoe, lentils, nuts and seeds, tomato, banana, broccoli, oats and root veg. Wherever possible, ditch things in packets and consider everything you eat. Prepare food, don’t just heat it up.

To a degree, you are the physical and mental product of what you consume. Like an addict you may have withdrawal symptoms when you try to remove certain foods from your diet.

It may prove to be one of the toughest tests ahead for some. You’ve perhaps been feeding on the wrong stuff since you were born.

Organisations and professional bodies have so overly complicated the message of food that it seems impossible to personally tackle. For me, It’s simple. What was here for us from the beginning? Food that grows from the ground and water. Do more and more of that and watch your body and mind respond.

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