#6 – Drink more water

This is such an obvious tip for life that you’d think it hardly needs mentioning, but people today apparently still haven’t received the memo!

The benefits of hydration through water run well off this page.

When on the brink of death after a heavy night on the beers, what is the most effective cure? Hydration. Lucozade, coke or redbull may perk you up artificially, but the thing that cleanses your body and washes out the toxins is good old H2O.

Try drinking only water and plenty of it for a week and observe the whites in your eyes become brighter. Watch how your skin clears and your energy raises. You’ll piss like a race horse, but you’ll get more mileage in trekking to the bog.

You’ll feel your insides work more efficiently and your body simply composes itself appropriately. Don’t take my word for it, turn that tap on.

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