#7 – Move more

We were born to move. This was the case since the beginning, but in the last 60 or so years we have reverse engineered our capable bodies through sedentary lifestyle to become immobile and weak and have forgotten how to move properly.

Calisthenics, parkour and street gymnastics coaches such as Dominik Sky, Ido Portal and others are gaining huge momentum in the following of their sermons on movement and physical ability.

If you train to become a better mover rather than for size or aesthetics then you not only become a more functional and capable individual, but your physique becomes more that of a Spartan than just lame T-shirt muscle. Heavy weight lifters that only pursue size are generally immobile, inflexible and unimpressive and fitness enthusiasts are steadily realising this. Those that train for movement not only look better, but are better at most sports, less prone to injury and generally healthier. The days of the meathead are numbered!


We are all born with the innate ability to move properly. If you watch a child pick up an object they bend properly with good form, symmetrically pivoting in the correct places with their head up whilst holding a strong posture. We then take these children and sit them down on hard plastic chairs for hours at a time to stare at the blackboard. This is continued through, primary, high school, college and university and then into the workplace where we sit behind and stare at screens under artificial light for 8 hours plus per day to the point of chronic exhaustion in our 30’s and 40’s. 

With regards to injury, it’s not the bending down to pick up the kids or washing the car that causes your back to go. It’s the years of sitting down in the car, on the sofa, the workplace desk, in front of the t.v. or in the pub that causes the muscles that support your back and joints to diminish and waste away. It is only when you go to pick up the kids or bend down that something gives way and you’re  left in serious pain and immobile. These injuries are like ticking time bombs waiting to go off.

Moving more does not simply involve typical exercise routines such as treadmills or running laps of the local park or doing mindless reps on the bench press. It involves whatever varied movement you find pleasure in. You simply need to do more of it.


The seven fundamentals of ‘fitness’ that they teach in the British military are; Speed, strength, endurance, power, flexibility, agility and recovery. There are certainly other key components such as balance or coordination, but if you tick the seven above you’ll also be hitting these as well. Move to achieve improvements in these fundamentals and watch your abilities and physique transition beyond what you would believe.

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