#8 – Avoid gyms

Gyms have their benefits and going to the gym is better than not going. But if you have been to one before you’ll realise that most have morphed into a mass display of male and female peacocking. Being around this can be distracting and mentally lazy.

Use the time you train to have a real impact on your physicality as well as your thoughts. You got yourself there, you might as well utilise the time well. 

Gym equipment can without a doubt improve physical fitness and is most certainly a valuable way of training, but to be used as the sole means of exercise is a sluggish and an outdated way to look at fitness. The majority of machines and equipment guide your movements in a limited and robotic way. You don’t need to be a physio to understand that we weren’t born to move like this. Look at top level athletes and physical fitness pioneers. Few of them follow a one style approach to training. Check out how Connor Mcgreggor and other top UFC fighters learn to move in their training.

To only hit the gym we risk reverse engineering our gifted bodies and become a one trick pony in the process. You encourage overly simple isolated movements which is not how we operate in the world.

Practise movement approaches like calisthenics, dance, MMA, boxing, parkour as these will give you all the fundamentals as well as slick skills.

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