The Green Mile Movement’s primary aim is to inject positive influence into men’s lives throughout the country. It began in the city of Cardiff, but by utilising an existing network of ex-military personnel to drive other units of the movement, it can spread into multiple cities and regions and become a recognised brotherhood throughout the UK.

We have established short, medium and long-term goals to help us achieve this aim, but can’t do it without the support of the communities we are trying to reach.

If you believe you could be of any assistance in helping us get there, we would very much appreciate your help and would welcome you to reach out and get in touch.

TGMM has a strong vision for its future. The Green Mile team are currently developing plans to build a unique outdoor training facility in the hills surrounding Cardiff. This will allow us to incorporate a greater range of training techniques and teachings on each of our sessions.

Some closer objectives we are planning to achieve are laid out below.

18-seater Mini Bus

This bus will allow a team member to get around the city and pick up those in need of transport and bring them to our various sessions around the country. By having our own wheels there are no excuses, we can reach more guys and grow much faster.

Approx. Cost: £12,000

BeaverFit Mobile Training Rig

These rigs are designed with the Armed Forces in mind and are adaptable to be used in any environment. With such a rig TGMM would take the sessions to the people who need them and expand our reach beyond current limitations. Further plans to grow involve open days, demo and networking events, for which the rig would be perfect. Approx. Cost: £16,000

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1st in its Class Outdoor Training Facility

Our goal is to build and run a stand alone Green mile training course with Cardiff’s 1st outdoor calisthenics gym in the hills surrounding the city. It will support the expansion of the movement and accommodate engagement with other vulnerable communities that we are hoping to reach.

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